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Re: Spooking of neural nets and image recognition...

	 Insofar as monitoring passage of people, I noted a few hours
	 ago a new installation of cameras at the tollbooths on the
	 George Washington Bridge, positioned to be under a meter from
	 people's faces when they stop to fork over their $4.00.  The
	 police density at this toll plaza makes additional
	 surveillance of would-be toll booth robbers unnecessary; while
	 traffic analysis on the matching of facial patterns is
	 probably out of their scope right now, it *is* a precedent,
	 and food for thought...

Well -- the cameras may have been prompted by the fact that the
toll booths at the GWB have been the targets of armed robberies
several times of late...

	 FYI, the George Washington Bridge carries much, probably most,
	 of the traffic into Manhattan and New York City...)

Most?  Hardly.  Don't forget the bridges and tunnels from Brooklyn and
Queens, and the two tunnels from New Jersey, and...