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[uk.transport] Speed Camera with OCR

Speaking of dummy speed traps, there's a great one on the road to
Aspen, Colorado (don't remember offhand the town name or the route, but
it's east of Aspen on the only road there).

Driving toward Aspen on a two lane road, we suddenly saw the classic
small-town speed trap: a cruiser parked off the other side of the
road, facing us with a radar gun pointed out the window and a cop in
the front seat.

Only as we went by did it become obvious (to me at least) that it was
a fake!  I stopped and went back with my camera to get a closer look.
The car was just an empty shell that had been rescued from the
junkyard, and the dummy in the front seat wasn't exactly up to Disney
AudioAnimatronics standards, if you know what I mean. But seen from a
distance in a moving car, it had the desired effect...

Don't forget low-tech! Of course, for those towns more interested in
collecting money than in getting people to slow down, this particular
approach may not appeal to them.