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Re: [uk.transport] Speed Camera with OCR

The Oxfordshire police force here in the UK have introduced speed  
cameras.  The way they work is to use radar to check oncoming cars  
speeds, and if its over the limit the camera takes a picture of the  
cars number plate.  I guess a human back at police HQ has to do the  
bit about reading the plate, and then a fixed fine is sent through  
the post.

They admit that there's a lot of dummy speed camera warning signs, as  
they only have 3 to cover the whole of the county.  What they do is  
move the cameras around every now and then.

Most regular motorists know where they are, as they're easy to see -  
big grey boxes in the middle of the road.  

Apparently ( I have no figures ) they've been a great success and  
police are amazed at how much speeding goes on ( I'm not ).