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Re: On The Inherent Evil

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S >Regardless of how cypherpunks feel about this issue, E.D. is one
S >of the most powerful memes making its way thru current society, and 
S >we have to deal with it.
S >
S >Nick Szabo					[email protected]

By ignoring it like all other forms of "others" government (tyranny).  How 
anyone can think that more efficiently allowing others to rule them 
(whether one man or many) is a good idea is beyond me.  Tyrrany is tyrrany 
is tyranny.  Maybe with ED we'll be benefitted by the fact that the 
government itself which is carrying out the orders of the populace will be 
so busy with system volitility that it won't have time to do much real 

Duncan Frissell
(Net Prime - 01000001st Fiberborne)

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Muscle Age army can defeat a Machine Age army."  

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