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T >OK, you got me here. I wasn't thinking of cases where you might want
T >to deceive your own bank!

T >Tim May

One tends to forget that an ATM card is a bearer instrument.  Ive always 
thought it ironic that the first manifestation of the Orwellian technology 
of electronic payments that was supposed to strip us of our liberties was 
a *bearer* instrument.

There are many circumstances where you might want to have someone other 
than the account holder use ATM or other Credit or Debit cards.  Spouses, 
children, and employees might be given the card.  If you want to make 
cheap instant overseas transfers you might give a trusted person an ATM 
card.  If you want to make regular anonymous payments to someone you might 
open an account for that purpose, give them the card, and then just 
deposit whatever you want to transmit to them.  If you've opened an 
account in a nome de guerre, it might be convenient not to have your image 
recorded.  There are many more circumstances.

For me the more significant concern is not getting my picture taken but 
the possibility that card use might be limited to the account holder only. 
 I like the bearer instrument aspect of ATMs.  Of course, as long as some 
banks on the net don't use pictures or other personal measurments as a 
replacement for pins, one can always use these institutions.

Duncan Frissell

As for the PC parts of Tim's post:

How to handle fanatic evironmentalists/animal rightists/commies:  "What's 
the matter; don't you believe in cultural diversity?  Look, these days *I* 
have to put up with <anal-intercoursing> <oral-genital copulators> whether 
I like them or not.  <Use Old English words instead of the Norman French 
above.>  If *I* have to put up with <anal-intercoursing> <oral-genital 
copulators> whether I want to or not, then you have to put up with 
perverts like me."

--- WinQwk 2.0b#0