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Re: Solicitation of Tax Evasion--An Example

> > The problem is, unless you're very careful about distributions and such,
> > you can easily clog the net with zillions of public-key-encryptions to
> > alt.security.pgp.messages <grin>.  But then again, I suppose it's not
> > any more traffic than alt.sex.pictures.erotica.* generates. :)
> > 
> > It would be trivial to write a script to be put in your .login to
> > automatically skim that newsgroup for anything encrypted with your public
> > key.  Hmmm...
> Yes, Ed is right. Easy to spot messages intended for you. And the
> volumes involved in this "crypto classfieds" are not unreasonable.
> 4. How does the target of a message know where to look? Must he scan
> through all messages?

PGP will fail if signed with a key that it doesn't know about - that makes
it easy... So, one doesn't need to decrypt all the messages (or try to),
nor does one have to agree on a subject header or anything else.
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