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Re: Solicitation of Tax Evasion--An Example

The example given (someone soliciting an act of questionable legality)
is a perfect application for the SASE remailer that I've been
developing.  I presented it at a phys-meeting a few months back, and
have been working on coding it sporadically since then.

The idea is that you have an address block that encodes the
information on how to get a message to you.  This is like a self
addressed envelope.  The envelope can specify multiple hops through
remailers, but is encrypted in layers so only the next hop is revealed
at each remailer.

The difficulty comes in allowing the message to be re-encrypted at
each stage (to keep a remailer from recognizing a message it has
passed through itself on an earlier hop), but still allow it to be
reconstructed at the final destination.

The protocol also allows postage stamps to be securely delivered to
each hop along the way, and yet be provided by the sender (who doesn't
know the identity, or public key, of the remailers).

You could use this by paying someone to forward messages to you via
your SASE address.  This way, you can publish an address by which
messages can be sent to you, but without leaving yourself easily

-eric messick