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Quoth Sneal, verily I say unto thee:

-=>lift.  However, while we're on the subject, I'm wondering if any
-=>arrangements have been made to distribute anti-Clipper material at
-=>I'd be happy to distribute flyers or what-have-you, but
-=>they'd have to reach the show by other means; I'm not willing to
-=>carry such seditious material across the US/Canada border.

Well, quick someone draft something that will fit onto one page.  I'll be
happy to xerox several hundred of them.
-=>  I hope that EFF will have a presence at the show* 

They will.  One of the strongest presences at the whole show.

Reminds me, I think we (meaning libertarianistically minded sysops and
users) should organize another con, to compete with ONE BBSCON.  ONE
BBSCON (Online Networking Exposition & BBS Convention) will apparently
be held in the same place every year, costs $325 just to get in the
door, and it 100% controlled by the corporate interests that are
screwing up the BBS scene.  We need a new con that is run by, and
caters to, the hobbyist and shareware BBS scene.  Still lots of room
for vendors, but for the non- and semi-commercial software authors, who
are left behind by ONE BBSCON's outrageous prices for display booth

[back to EFF]
-=>as they did last 
-=>year, and can sow some further seeds of discontent among the
-=>non-Internet online world, many parts of which don't seem aware of
-=>the Clipper debacle.  Any comments from the EFF folks hereabouts?

I certainly don't speak for them, but from what I've seen of the list of
conferences and seminars, they will be covering a very wide variety of

-=>* I had a great time arguing with Shari Steele and accusing her of
-=>"dancing with the Devil" w/ reference to backing then-Senator Gore's
-=>Data Superhighway proposal.  Very libertarially-incorrect position to
-=>take, Shari. :-)

Back then it sounded cool.  I was all for it too, until he got to be VP
and then the view darkened considerably.  Hell, I never should've trusted
the husband of the Wicked Witch that came up with the PMRC!
Seriously, as originally announced, it didn't sound all that bad, and I
think many of us figured we could activize enough to get it to be what we
wanted.  This did not happen however.

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