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Re: encrypting virus (KOH)

>> Now, if a smart compressor/encryptor wrote itself along with the files
 >> it was treating, and then wrote a nice README file which explained that
 >> files on the floppy were compressed/encrypted, would be automatically
 >> decompressed/decrypted, and that the treatment could, if you wished, be
 >> performed on your hard drives and/or other floppies by making a backup
 >> and then executing the following command, that would be perfectly fine.
>3) the program does not do this, much like Stacker does not create
 >README files which explain that your disks are now compressed.  This
        As a matter of fact, when you Stac a floppy, a README file *IS*
generated, and the stacker.com tsr kindly gives you the 1-800 number you can
call to order stacker if you received the disk from someone and do not have
stacker now, but would like to have such a nifty utility on your hard