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Re: encrypting virus (KOH)

>         As a matter of fact, when you Stac a floppy, a README file *IS*
> generated, and the stacker.com tsr kindly gives you the 1-800 number you can
> call to order stacker if you received the disk from someone and do not have
> stacker now, but would like to have such a nifty utility on your hard
> drive...

Well maybe things were updated since I bought my copy of Stacker 2.0.
A stacker.log file is created, but it only logs errors during the
screate process.  No mention of compression is made.  If everything
went well, the log file contains no information, except headers and
empty lists.

But then I never stack floppies because I want to be able to use them
wherever I go, something Stacker 2.0 can't do, but Stacker 3.0 does.

I wonder if the author of KOH made this same decision: to insert
decrypting code on the floppy so you aren't tied to using one
computer, or to not "invade" a floppy so you are stuck using one

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