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Re: Tax Evasion and SASE.

> The example given (someone soliciting an act of questionable legality)
> is a perfect application for the SASE remailer that I've been
> developing.  I presented it at a phys-meeting a few months back, and
> have been working on coding it sporadically since then.

I was thinking about this just yesterday...

> The idea is that you have an address block that encodes the
> information on how to get a message to you.  This is like a self
> addressed envelope.  The envelope can specify multiple hops through
> remailers, but is encrypted in layers so only the next hop is revealed
> at each remailer.

However, rather than rewrite an entire mailer system from scratch, might 
I propose that we ad an extra command to the cypherpunks remailers that
would allow a person to tell the remailer NOT to throw away the the 
header information.

This would allow a person to create an encrypted block to put at 
the top of their message telling the remailer to pass all header
information through to the recipient.


Remailer-Command: Header-Intact

Request-Remailing-To: [email protected]

The user encrypts this whole block and tells the remote user to put this 
at the header of thier reply message.


== place at the top of your message text and remove this line ==

Encrypted: PGP

Version: 2.2


== place message text below this line and remove this line ==

In effect, a self-addressed envelope.  Half of the functionality
is available in the remailers currently.

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