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Re: One BBScon presence question

Hi 'punks!

Steve writes:

>lift.  However, while we're on the subject, I'm wondering if any
>arrangements have been made to distribute anti-Clipper material at
>the con.  I'd be happy to distribute flyers or what-have-you, but
>they'd have to reach the show by other means; I'm not willing to
>carry such seditious material across the US/Canada border.
>  I hope that EFF will have a presence at the show* as they did last
>year, and can sow some further seeds of discontent among the
>non-Internet online world, many parts of which don't seem aware of
>the Clipper debacle.  Any comments from the EFF folks hereabouts?

EFF will be well-represented at ONE BBSCon.  Mike Godwin, Cliff Figallo,
Sarah Simpson (our new membership coordinator) and I will be there speaking
and coordinating an EFF booth, which will boast all sorts of documentation,
floppies, and, yes, you asked for it, t-shirts (new design)!  We will
certainly have some Clipper stuff.

>* I had a great time arguing with Shari Steele and accusing her of
>"dancing with the Devil" w/ reference to backing then-Senator Gore's
>Data Superhighway proposal.  Very libertarially-incorrect position to
>take, Shari. :-)

Yeah, yeah, I know.  It was really strange for me to be looked at as
supporting the government over individuals!  Maybe we can continue the
debate this year.  See you in a week!  :)

Shari Steele
Director of Legal Services
Electronic Frontier Foundation
1001 G Street, NW
Suite 950 East
Washington, DC  20001
202/347-5400 (voice), 202/393-5509 (fax)
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