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Re: One BBScon presence question

Hi Carl.

You ask:

>        what kind of T-shirts?  Can we non-attendees get a crack at them?

Absolutely.  They're kinda hard to describe, since they're graphical, but
I'll do my best.  They're white.  On the front, above where the pocket
would be (if they had pockets) is the EFF logo.  The back is divided into
four large squares with the header "Famous Frontiers in History."  In the
first square is the picture of a cowboy on a horse looking at a sunset on
the prairie with the label "The Western Frontier."  The second square has a
picture of John F. Kennedy at a podium with the label "The New Frontier." 
The third square has a picture of the U.S.S. Enterprise with the label "The
Final Frontier."  And finally, the fourth square has the EFF logo with the
label "The Electronic Frontier."  Shirts are $10 and are available in small
(for little people and children) and extra large (for everyone else). 
Should I get a stash to John Gilmore for cypherpunk distribution?