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[[email protected]: New paper on electronic currency]

I thought people would be interested in this....  Hope not too many
copies get forwarded here.. ;-)


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Date: Tue, 17 Aug 93 09:21:20 PDT
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Posted-Date: Tue, 17 Aug 93 09:21:20 PDT
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Subject: New paper on electronic currency

A new paper on electronic currency to appear in the 1st ACM Conference on
Computer and Communications Security, Nov. 93 is now available via anonymous
FTP from PROSPERO.ISI.EDU as /pub/papers/security/netcash-cccs93.ps.Z

NetCash: A design for practical electronic currency on the Internet  

Gennady Medvinsky and Clifford Neuman

NetCash is a framework that supports realtime electronic payments with
provision of anonymity over an unsecure network.  It is designed to enable new
types of services on the Internet which have not been practical to date
because of the absence of a secure, scalable, potentially anonymous payment

NetCash strikes a balance between unconditionally anonymous electronic
currency, and signed instruments analogous to checks that are more scalable
but identify the principals in a transaction.  It does this by providing the
framework within which proposed electronic currency protocols can be
integrated with the scalable, but non-anonymous, electronic banking
infrastructure that has been proposed for routine transactions.

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