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National ID Cards!?

The "Fear of Foreigners" and the "Health Care Crisis" have come together 
nicely to make a new (forge-resistant *not* forge-proof) national identity 
card much more likely.  This will, BTW, be the first major piece of ID 
introduced since the new individualist movements came into existence from 
1960 to the present.  It will be interesting to see what the reaction of 
those movements will be to this major attack.

I will be posting a lot on this subject over the next few months.  My 
first thought was to form a non-profit 501c3 corporation to raise funds to 
pay for the reverse engineering of the beast (if it turns out to be a 
smart card).  Since its design and algorithims will be a public document 
that we paid for, and no national security issues are involved, it can 
arguably be reverse engineered legally.  It could be legally done in other 
countries in any case. 

In fact, of course, it will be simple for any individual who cares to to 
resist the thing.

Some approaches (Health):

1)  "I'm an anarchist and I don't believe in such things.  Send me a 

2)  "I'm a foreign tourist.  Send me a bill."

3)  "I'm an illegal alien.  Send me a bill."  -- Not recommended for real 
illegal aliens.

4)  "Here is my Health Security Smart Card, I puddled it with a welding 
torch.  You're welcome to have it."

5)  When they send you a bill (above) don't pay it say this:  "You have 
established that the separation of the provision of medical services and 
the payment for those services is a moral imperative.  I am taking you at 
your word by maintaining a *rigid* separation between the provision of 
services and payment for them."

6) Or: "You have used deadly force to maintain an oligopoly on the 
provision of medical services through licensing and immigration 
restrictions.  You have prohibited me from purchasing such services on an 
open competitive market, therefore, I don't owe you a dime."

Some approaches (employment):

1) Open a contract services firm (temp agency) that places illegal aliens 
with other companies and acts as a cutout for the enhanced worker's ID 

2) Open any kind of a business.  No ID requirements for self employment.

3) Convert your job to a virtual one and move overseas.  61% of US expats 
don't even file US tax returns though almost all are required to do so.

Much more to come.

Duncan Frissell - Have that Privacy Ckeckup in advance of need.  No ID 
required. <G>

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