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Anon: remailer list

 * Reply to msg originally in CYPHERPUNKS

 Uu> Q1: What cypherpunk remailers exist?

 Uu> 1: [email protected]
 Uu> 2: [email protected]
 Uu> 3: [email protected]
 Uu> 4: [email protected]
 Uu> 5: [email protected]
 Uu> 6: [email protected]
 Uu> 7: [email protected]
 Uu> 8: [email protected]
 Uu> 9: [email protected]
 Uu> 10: [email protected]
 Uu> 11: [email protected]
 Uu> 12: [email protected]
 Uu> 13: [email protected]
 Uu> 14: [email protected]
 Uu> 15: [email protected]

OK.  It seems that [email protected] (#15) is down.  This is a
shame, as it was the _only_ remailer that would function as an anonymous
remailer for me.  It worked beautifully while it was up.  Its apparent
demise has been reported by other users as well,
.   Several of the remailers listed (2,3,4,5) have _never_ worked using
standard cypherpunks syntax:


.   All other cypherpunks remailers, reliable or not, retain the footer
addresses automagically inserted by the host box here & are therefore
not in any way anonymous for my purposes.  There was a discussion of a
"cut line" syntax before I temporarily lost access to cypherpunks, but
as far as I know there was never any agreement or implementation (I
shall be pleased to be corrected if this is not the case).
.   Penet.fi will no longer work for me since the forced-password
implementation due to an apparent header conflict with the
X-Anon-Password: line & local host/gate software.
.   Why am I depressed?
.   ~
.   M.

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