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Re: ANON: remailer list

> >11: [email protected]
> >12: [email protected] 
> These last two seem to remail from the same address. Are there really two,
> with one automatically feeding into the other as a two-tier? What's the
> deal?

tamsun and tamaix are two different machines which share, NFS-ed, user
directories; hence, any mail sent to tamsun or tamaix goes through the same bit
of remailing script.  They both work independantly, however, and I decided to
keep both in case one of the machines goes down for some reason.

> I'll send this message to [email protected] to illustrate. I tried to,
> and this message bounced. This is the second try, to
> [email protected]

Let me know via email to [email protected] if you still can't get your
message through.  It should work though.

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