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Re: ANON: remailer list

At  3:42 PM 8/17/93 -0500, Karl Lui Barrus wrote:
>Q1: What cypherpunk remailers exist?
> 1: [email protected] 
> 2: [email protected] 
> 3: [email protected] 
> 4: [email protected] 
> 5: [email protected] 

I've never gotten a response from this one. Has anyone?

> 6: [email protected] 
> 7: [email protected] 
> 8: [email protected] 
> 9: [email protected] 
>10: [email protected] 
>11: [email protected] 
>12: [email protected] 

These last two seem to remail from the same address. Are there really two,
with one automatically feeding into the other as a two-tier? What's the

I'll send this message to [email protected] to illustrate. I tried to,
and this message bounced. This is the second try, to
[email protected]