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Re: T. Wells & Anonymity

>   On the other hand, I feel Mr. Detweiler has gone a little overboard
> in his attack in what seems to be an attempt to protect the masses from
> their own stupidity. The simple facts of the matter are, any time you use an
> anonymous remailer without encryption you run the risk of having your email 
> intercepted. One thing people need to learn is that the world is a risky place
> and any action you take can have negative consequences. I certainly
> wouldn't send threats to [email protected] expecting Hal's
> or Julf's remailers to protect me.

Yes. But in this case we are talking about somebody who definitely feels it is
OK to check in on other people's messages - but he only admited to it after a
very lengthy debate on a.s.a.r, that he did his best to shut down - without
replying to accusations of him eavesdropping.

>   If you are concerned about protecting the masses, write up your own
> "Remailer Safety FAQ" detailing the benefits and dangers.

I still feel a remailer operator should make his policies known up front.
Just like Karl Kleinpaste's "if you do something I consider abuse, I will
expose you" policy.