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(fwd) [prodigy] Am-prodigy correction

This came over our Reuters wire - it looks like the Prodigy message
in question was not a private message, but rather a message
on a public forum (where Prodigy is known to monitor such things.)

I wonder whether this correction is going to get press in the print
media, most of which are not likely to be hip enough to be able to
convey the difference to their readers (who are not necessarily 
likely to know or care).


From: [email protected] (Msen Reuters News)
Newsgroups: msen.reuters.domestic
Subject: [prodigy] Am-prodigy correction
Date: 21 Aug 1993 20:54:46 -0400
Organization: Msen, Inc. -- Ann Arbor, MI (acct info +1 313 998-4562)
Keywords: AM-PRODIGY


    In MEDINA, Washington item headlined U.S. TEENAGER FINDS
DEATH 'THREAT' HAS ITS PRICE please read in 3rd graf ...The girl
told police she made the threat in a message on an electronic
bulletin board... instead of ...in an electronic message.
(Correcting form of transmission of message). A corrected story
follows immediately.