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"Secure Voice"

    Just received a low budget brochure from SVC offering their
    "Secure Voice" TM software for $250. Used with a '386 minimum,
    a Sound Blaster board, and a 14.4K V.42 modem they claim to
    do compression and DES encryption (triple DES with a '486).
    "You talk into your computer, the computer digitizes your voice,
    encrypts it, transmits it through the high speed modem over the
    open phone lines to the other end, where it is decrypted, and
    can be heard."

    They indicate you need one "Secure Voice" for each end so I'd
    guess they have it copy protected.

    "No BS Updates:
    ... As a purchaser, you are entitled to free software updates
    for the life of this product. We keep no records of who purchases
    our products, so to receive your update, send us your original
    disk and a SASE."

    Their address: PO Box 9512
                   College Station, TX 77842

    Texas residents add 8.25%, VISA/MC add 5%