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sticker guy (fwd)

I found the sticker guy! I'm sending him a letter tonight, I'll keep you
all posted. Who has the "Big Brother Inside(tm)" logo? I can't do .ps
stuff, if anyone wants to send me hardcopy, it goes to
Chris Odhner
14079 North 34th Place
Phoenix, Arizona

Or you could send it directly to the sticker guy...

> Hello,
> Now that school is started again, I have a new account. My new address
> is [email protected] HOWEVER, I conduct no business over the Internet.
> If you are still interested in custom
> vinyl stickers, send a loose stamp to:
> 	c/o Pete Menchetti
> 	2190 Belcrest Circle
> 	Reno, NV 89512
> I will then send you a sample and a brochure with all the info you
> need to order stickers.
> Thanks,
> Pete
> [email protected]