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Mail --> News gateways

Are there any alive and functional mail-to-news gateways other than
anon.penet.fi? What format do they use? In particular, is there one 
which can be put at the end of a chain of Cypherpunks remailers? 
I tried the two mentioned in the "Hal's Instructions" file, posting 
to alt.test, and they didn't work. How does one post to a group with 
a - in the name, such as alt.fan.david-sternlight?
To whoever sent that huge message for BlackNet: please read the
responses to this question and use news gateways to post messages
for BlackNet to alt.extropians.forbidden.topics or 
alt.fan.david-sternlight. Neither group has much traffic anyway,
and it's kind of annoying to receive large messages you can't
read, especially when you're paying for the download time.
To BlackNet: until alt.w.a.s.t.e or a similar group is created,
why not use alt.test for anonymous communication? Nobody really 
cares what's posted there, since nobody reads it except to find 
their own test posts. The poster could put a recognizable string, 
such as your hex key id, in the subject, allowing you to find it
quickly with the newsreader's search command.
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