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"Inspired by the Cypherpunks"

It's nice to know we're having some influence.

The latest "Wired" has the following letter, which credits the Cypherpunks
as the inspiration for a privacy seeker:

"A few days ago, in a chain record store, I bumped into this big screen on
a box marked with an "i." I looked at it, thinking it would be a good idea
to know what I'm buying, when this guy came up and told me that to be able
to use this neato piece of high tech, I'd have to fill out a piece of
paper, which not only asked about my taste, but about my credit, my name,
my address, etc. Inspired by the cypherpunks of your last issue (_Wired_
1.2, page 54), I decided there was no good reason for these people to know
this about me. I took the reply form and walked off, throwing it away when
I got home. The next day, I went searching bookstores and found the new
_Wired_. What did I see, but a glowing recommendation for this
privacy-basher on page 23 (_Wired_ 1.3). I'm sorry, 30 seconds of a pop
tune is too little for the price of my privacy."

"Dave Jacoby
Please don't print my user ID"

So, we are playing our part in raising consciousness. (I'll avoid getting
into a political debate about whether these corporations asking questions
havd too much power, whether the market works or not, etc.)

-Tim May

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