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How "Wired" did the "Crypto Rebels" article

A free newspaper devoted to graphics arts, "OnLine Design," has a nice
piece in the August issue: "Designing _Wired_," by Ken Coupland. (I've seen
this issue at a mall software store, so those of you in California may want
to look for it before it vanishes.)

The focus is on the launching of "Wired," its layout policies, the feel of
the paper, the design team, and so on. "Wired" is turning into a major
publishing success story, hence the interest in its creative/artistic side.

The Steven Levy article on "Crypto Rebels" got a major part of the
coverage, especially the cover (some Cypherpunks in masks, holding the
American flag, in case some of you newcomers to this list missed this
issue) and the opening 2-page spread used in that article.

The caption for the 2-page spread is: "This layout for the "Crypto Rebels"
piece supports the story's argument that the "Cypherpunks" are patriotic

Nice to see that the "meme" is being accepted that folks like us are on the
right side.

Interestingly, one of the photos of the design editors shows one of them
holding a "Cypherpunks mask" up in front of her face. (Needless to say,
they are the ones who thought up the mask idea in the first place.)

Just thought you'd like to hear about this article.
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