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Re: "more money than brai

 Uu> From: [email protected] (Bob Izenberg)

 # Only one question:  WHY?  If PGP is freeware for noncommercial
 single # users, why on earth would anyone wish to drop $100 +/- for
 single-user # rights to a virtually identical program?

 Uu> Dumb as it may sound, at work the people from Finance want to see that
 Uu> we've paid for all the software on our machines.

Yes, I've received several replies like yours, but note that company use
was not the question - I understand the "why" there, complete with all
the corporate shareware/freeware phobia - but the question was why a
_private single user_ would pay $100 for the honor of a licensed private
single-user release of a freeware program.  THAT doesn't make sense,
thus my question.
.   Conceivably, someone with assets (certainly not me, but I suppose
such people exist somewhere) might be worried about the sound & fury
emanating from PKP concerning lawsuits against all freeware PGP users,
but $100 is mighty high insurance against an event with that low of a

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