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E-trade opinions (fwd)

Forwarded from misc.invest:

In article <[email protected]> [email protected] (Fridrik Skulason) writes:

>Do you ever thing we will see something like E-trade on the Internet ?

They tell me that the Internet is not secure, so you would risk having
your password compromised.  But, yes, I assume that this will come

>I would really like to see a service I could connect to using Telnet...as the
>services that are currently available are impractical for me - AOL is totally
>out of the question, as connecting to them would involve an international
>phone call, and CompuServe would require going through the X.25 network,
>which is not cheap either....I already pay around $7000/year for decent
>Internet access, and don't want to double that by using X.25 

I have been told that one can telnet to compuserve.com, but when
I tried it I got Unknown host.