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Re: Source Code NOT available for ViaCrypt PGP

> >  B) He is under 'a lot' of pressure to have a product 'on the shelves
> > in under two months', and therefore the first release will be a
> > MS-DOS version, then Macintosh, SVR4, SUN OS, and all of those unix
> > versions, and that they will eventualy put out a windows product and
> > start makeing improvements to the actual product.
> I can't help but wonder if the guy is feeling other pressures besides time
> pressures. Just thinking. I don't think that ViaCrypt will make much money of
> the people on this list.

I think he's trying to run ahead of Clipper and the resulting encryption ban.
Make a lot of $$$ from people by selling them soon-to-be-"useless" software.

What a scam...
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