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Re: Source Code NOT available for ViaCrypt PGP

The proper paranoid must worry whether the licenced PGP
does what it is supposed to do. One can
compare the output of the ViaCrypt PGP with that of
the current version. Discrepencies would merit great
suspicion and perhaps disassembly. Improper paranoids
might be comforted in the knowledge that many proper
paranoids were comparing the two versions.
I have not studied the format of the PGP output.
Is it possible for the ViaCrypt PGP to interoperate
with the current version unless it comforms completely?
We must clearly worry about undocumented new formats.
Incedently why do the code owners trust the customer
to not illegitamitely copy the binary program,
but not trust the customer
to not illegitamitely copy the source program?