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Re: Source Code NOT available for ViaCrypt PGP

Carl wrote:

>> I think he's trying to run ahead of Clipper and the resulting encryption
>> Make a lot of $$$ from people by selling them soon-to-be-"useless" 
>> What a scam...
>Is anyone taking bets on encryption bans?
>If each user of RIPEM or PGP would get one newcomer to start using it
>every month, for example, it would take less than 18 months to get the
>whole US covered.

Are there any volunteers among the Windows guru/programmer's here to
kick out a shell that supports PGP?  2.3a is *much* more stable than
2.2 (and runs great from within PGPShell .PIF'd from Windows.)

IMHO only a fraction of Carl's newcomers will even take a second look
at PGP unless there's an interface for it.  Our privacy shtick falls
short on the masses that don't understand our zealotry or the need to
protect their own privacy.  They want it to be *fun* and could care
less about the conspiracies involved.

First you get the teeming millions to enjoy what they're doing (see?
encryption is fun kids!) and more importantly, feel very comfortable
using encryption tools.  That way if the fateful day of encryption bans
does come, these tools will be as hard to take away from them as from a
Texan who first learns to shoot his father's gun.

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