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Free Electronic Cash

To: [email protected]

Be the first on your block to spend some electronic "near" cash.

If you are the first to read this post, you may be able to use up to $5 of 
electronic pseudo-cash.  I wanted to be the first to post some so it was 
worth $5 to me.

Yesterday I bought a Western Union Phone Card (tm) from my nearest Western 
Union money transfer agent.  It is good for about 8 minutes of phone calls 
anywhere in the continental US (fewer minutes of international calls).

To use the "cash:"

Call 1 (800) 374-8686

Wait for the tone

Dial the code 428 22 601

When you get a dial tone, dial the (area code) + phone-number of the 
number you wish to reach.  

The system will tell you how many minutes you have available for the call.

Western Union Phone Cards (tm) are available from any agent in $5, $10, 
$20, and $50 denominations.  They can be (must be) purchased for cash.  I 
have no idea whether Western Union saves the ANI info of incoming calls 
and cross indexes it with the outgoing number and the "account" number.

All that I ask is that the user(s) of this card send me email (anonymously 
if you like) so I can send back privacy consulting solicitations.

Duncan Frissell

Michael Elansky Defense Fund
25 Maiden Lane
West Hartford, CT 06117

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