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Another BBS Seizure in Ha

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R >The Hartford Courant on August 5, 1993 (page b-4) stated that a 21 
R >year old computer BBS operator was arrested for maintaining a computer
R >bulletin board that had a bomb making recipe.
R >
R >Michael Elansky was charged by the West Hartford police with inciting
R >injury to persons or property - a felony charge - and risk of injury
R >to a minor.
R >
R >He was held in lieu of $500,000 bond (in CT the bond for a person 
R >accused of murder is normally $100,000)

I just spoke to his mother Elaine and Michael himself from jail via the 
miracle of call waiting.  She is establsihing a defense fund.  Please send 

Michael Elansky Defense Fund
P. O. Box 
West Hartford, Connecticut  06117

Duncan Frissell 

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