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Re: Free Electronic Cash

> If you don't want your number being passed via ANI to the 800 number owner
> and don't want it to appear on their monthly 800 bill statement, simply
> use your local "0" operator to place the 1-800 call for you, it's free.
> Simply state "Operator, I'm having problems dailing this call..etc.."
> Readers of comp.dcom.telecom and 2600 magazine already know about this
> neat little trick.  You can prove it to yourself by calling Full
> Disclosure's 800 ANI Demo line (800-235-1414) first without using an
> operator, and then with an operator and compare the results.

I just tried this, both ways, and got my own home phone number repeated to
me, both times. Maybe they fixed this "bug"?

Happy Hunting, -Chris
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