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Re: Free Electronic Cash

To: [email protected]

T >> Michael Elansky Defense Fund
T >> 25 Maiden Lane
T >> West Hartford, CT 06117
T >
T >I just sent $10 cash to them.  Better them than the corrupt EFF which
T >has been accepting kickbacks/bribes from AT&T and Pac Bell. Speaking 
T >of which, has anyone bothered to contact the EFF/CPSR/ACLU about this 
T >case? It seems like a perfect 1st Ammendment issue, and I would 
T >personally love to see the pigs who raided Mr. Elansky lose their jobs
T > because of these outrageous civil rights violations. 

They have been in contact with the EFF and received some moral support but 
they mostly have to depend on their own resources.

I did determine that the BBS was not siezed, BTW.  It was missing when the 
Geheime Staats Polizei arrived.

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