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Re: Apple planning to use Clipper chip?

>5. Therefore, for a standard to emerge on the Mac... 1) Apple would have to
>begin producing machines that contained this chip; 2) Apple would have to
>produce special system software, explicitly for this class of machines,
>that used this chip; 3) Apple would have to produce compelling end-user
>communications software that used clipper services on this class of machines
>and either didn't run at all on earlier hardware, or didn't use clipper

kind of like they put the DSPs in the new macs, and make a new,
individualized version o fhte MacOS for EVERY new machine
(individualized by the "System Enablers").. and how they make
everyone want the new macs because of the speech and video software,
that is dependant on the new hardware...

Nope, it'll never happen...