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Re: The need for FREE cryptography ...

Steve Davis Said:

> There is still a void in the arena of free public encryption systems for
> regular human beings.  It would be wonderful if somebody would put a
> reasonably secure package (much like PGP) and copyleft the source.  PGP has
> never been a very useful tool to me as a programmer because of its internal
> structure.  What I'd need, if I wanted to integrate this technology into
> new platforms such as voice communication or an encrypted file system, is a
> library of tools for shuffling this data around and piping it through the
> "magic" algorithms.

RSAREF is available, but you can't use it in commercial products.
Also, it doesn't have many 'toys', although I can't really figure out
what 'toys' are needed...

If you don't need public-key algorithms (doesn't PKP claim patent
rights on _all_ public key systems?), IDEA may be used for
non-commercial purposes; IDEA is also fairly fast.

---> Dob

Dan Odom
[email protected] -- Kansas State University, Manhattan, KS

PGP key by finger or request.