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re: on anonymity, identity, reputation, and spoofing

> What if that `opinion' was not an accurate representation of
> reality? what if a few people were creating the illusion that some
> different kind of consensus existed? what if that `agenda' were
> actually something inherently wicked like ... anarchy?
Nothing, absolutely nothing (IMVHO) is inherently wicked.  This is a 
virtual forum, and as such, it is not (nor should it be) subject to the
same laws that bound similar dialogues in actuality.  The cyberspacial 
medium begs the development of new and unique forms of interaction - and 
broadening one's means of expression through the use of multiple identities
is perfectly valid in my book.

As for conspiracies-to-mislead, I must have seen at least 20 or 30 last 
night while I was watching the World Series.  I don't know how many others
'buy' (pun intended) into the crap that passes between their ears during 
the course of any given day, but I consider myself intelligent enough to 
weed through the chaff unassisted.  Peer pressure has always been a 
powerful coercive - so what?  It's not my job to calibrate the 'moral 
compass' of others...I leave it to them as an exercise (to be turned in 
at check out time).

> 1) list members are allowed *one* anonymous identity if any. They are
> required to associate some name with all anonymous posts via that identity.
> 2) *no one* is allowed multiple `real' identities and in fact any
> violation of this is considered an extremely serious breach of netiquette
> & honesty. 
> 3) completely anonymous posts from `outside' the list are allowed; if
> no pseudoidentity is given they are assumed to come from `outside'.

Give me a break!  A little structure goes a long way but these rules call 
to mind elementary school experiences that I thought I'd left behind.   I 
can see it now:         The Cypherpunks List
                   (schizophrenics need not apply)

Let's move on...

[the preceeding has not been a flame but a commentary.  It should be taken 
as such.]

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