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Security Consult. Needed

Concerning the following, Duncan Frissell makes an excellent point we should
all consider seriously:

One of the city's largest bookies was busted when the Feds intercepted the
daily fax transmissions summarizing business results sent from his NY
office to his Florida home.
A major cocaine dealer is facing prosecution based on written transaction
records seized at his office.  His simple code was broken by a "known
plaintext attack" when investigators were able to match his written
notations with transaction information derived from wiretaps.
Can't anyone help these people?  Maybe 178th Street needs PGP and Secure
Drive more than the PC Expo.

You are absolutely correct!  For too long, licensed Attourneys and Certified 
Public Accountants have been making comfortable careers representing clients 
from the, shall we say, "underworld."  It is time for cryptographic experts 
to be recognized as the true professionals they are and proudly join the 
ranks of other professionals who represent thieves, extortionists, junkies, 
drug dealers, embezzelers, etc.

Oh yes, I almost forgot.  Once Clipper is the law of the land, Congressmen 
will no doubt want to keep their private files safe from the snooping eyes 
of their political enemies.  So they will need crypto-consultants to find 
"creative ways" to work around the very regulations they stood by and 
permitted to go into effect.  I can hear them rationalizing now, "that is 
an Executive Branch rule that the Legislative Branch is not bound by."

Who will be laughing then?