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Re: PC-Expo

passes.  I think handing out floppy disks is NOT a very cost efficient 
scheme.  It makes more sense to spend the money on xeroxing flyers 
explaining to people what encryption is, why it's important and how they 
can get the tools for themselves.  Very people are going to load up a 
program from a disk that some stranger gave them.  You'll also likely get 
thrown out of Javitts.

I think that uploading to a local BBS is a bueno idea. I
downloaded all PGP and shell programs from Internet and then
uploaded them to a local BBS. I then put a classified add in the
local Mensa paper (monthly) and gave phone number, description and
asked that if anyone downloaded the files to upload a copy to
their favorite BBS. In Haydukes book "Get Even" they called this
the multiplier effect. Although the add costs me nothing and they
circulation is only around 900 or so issues there is a good chance
the software will travel to another 25 or so boards. I am also
condidering taking out an add in the Arizona Republic (circulation
aloat) and offering PGP  !!!!FREE!!!! to anyone that calls my
friends BBS. That should make him happy and should also spread the
program to thousands of non Internet users. The cost to me is
about $25 but the satisfaction is imense. Hayduke is right about
the multiplier effect, just like I said about faxes earlier. If all
members of this group fax to their non-long-distance government
representatives then we can get the word out effectivly stronger
than any other group. The ol' multiplier effect on the good ol'
cypherpunks group. several hundred times 6 is 1200 messages from
one letter. I think this is good.


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