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Re: Lobbying/Politics/etc.

> One wonders just how many people who went out with their AK's and shot up 
> schools and restaurants did it because they had been financed by someone 
> with an axe to grind against the RKBAers.  One also wonders just how long 
> it will take before someone does the same thing to crypto.

To preserve *MY* sanity, I try to imagine that this can't happen here.
However, reality suggests that it has :-(  In this case, IMO, "they"
won't need to stage anything, just be selective in the info they
release.  Taking advantage of the "heat of pasion" is something that
lobbyist are extremely at.  The only way *I* can see to counter it, is to
make sure that crypto is explicitely allowed (not that banning it will
stop anyone ;-)  If it can be advocated as a freedom-of-speech issue BEFORE
the emotions of the public are involved, we have a chance.  If not, check
crypto servers for public keys and mail drop info....

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