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   On this thread, someone expressed outrage at the idea that a
terrorist incident could be staged to encourage gun control legislation.
-That this was a "smear" on "bleeding hearts". Its not as simple as that
   Recently, Walter Williams has popularized a wonderful term used
by the Communist Party - "USEFUL IDIOTS". A USEFUL IDIOT was a person
who believed the propaganda of the inner circle &, so believing,
worked for the Party without knowing the hidden agenda.
   It seems that in America, when the state does a power grab, we find
at least two groups involved in pushing for the state - a  ruling
elite & the useful idiots. The useful idiots are a well developed group
for the state gun control plan. The state is now working to develop
useful idiots with regard to encryption.
   Useful idiots would probably not sanction terrorist incidents to
further their political views & could certainly not be trusted to be
involved in any such incident. I don't believe that the ruling elite
would have any qualms against such an incident - only practical re-
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