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Re: PC-Expo

> (quit, not retired :-), technician, programmer, etc.  If you don't want an
> editorial article, let me know what you'd like.

Anything you can write will be file.  Letter or Op-Ed or slap the NSA kinda
article.  Just keep one thing in mind.  Assume they know nothing about crypto
or the NSA or clipper..  Add tons of Fear Uncertainty and Deception.  Make'em
want to rise up and bitch to Uncle Sam.. 

If you can include quotes from various "Info Liberated articles", please do! 
> Or, I can do this.

Anything you can help.  Please.  You don't have to do just one thing. :-)
> Or, I can do this.  (hey, I'm flexible, and wanna help :-)
Welcome aboard and loads of help.  Just send me whatever ideas you have in
email to my other account [email protected] and I'll see if I can
help you with ideas or provide some "liberated" articles. :-)

Really appreciate your willingness to help.