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Re: PKP licensing of RSA

On 4 May 1994, Bruce C. Dovala wrote:

> I have friends who would like to use freeware PGP but are hesitant to do
> so because of _possible_ patent infringement against PKP. On the other
> hand, they aren't crazy about paying $100 for the ViaCrypt version. (And
> that price will increase shortly, I believe. 

As long as the use is for experimental, research, or educational 
purposes, I don't think Jim Bidzos is going to care much - those are 
permitted uses, under US patent law.

> Does anyone know if PKP will directly license RSA for single-user use? (In
> other words, get the freeware version of PGP and then get a license from
> PKP to use it "legally"). I would imagine the license would cost less
> than $100 if available (why do I doubt that ViaCrypt is in this for their
> health?).

Why go to the trouble?  ftp to rsa.com - if you are a US citizen, get the
README from /rsaref.  It details, quite simply, how to get rsaref and
the ripem stuff, and the licensing docs are in there.

> Obviously, this question is for the benefit of those who, for whatever
> reason, must remain "strictly legal". But who don't care to pay $100 for
> ViaCrypt's version. People who are willing to use the unlicensed freeware
> version (not like _I_ ever would ;) ), could continue to do so.

Like I said, it's a non-issue, unless you plan on using it for commercial 

Here's the text of the licensing stuff that I found in the latest version 
of ripem: