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PKP licensing of RSA

Hi all,

Just what may be a stupid question concerning licensing of the RSA
algorithm from PKP.

I have friends who would like to use freeware PGP but are hesitant to do
so because of _possible_ patent infringement against PKP. On the other
hand, they aren't crazy about paying $100 for the ViaCrypt version. (And
that price will increase shortly, I believe. 

Does anyone know if PKP will directly license RSA for single-user use? (In
other words, get the freeware version of PGP and then get a license from
PKP to use it "legally"). I would imagine the license would cost less
than $100 if available (why do I doubt that ViaCrypt is in this for their

Yes, I realize that this would mean there would be a record of licensees.
And if the government chose to make "non-Clipper" encryption illegal in
the future, they would have a list of people to investigate. A LONG list.
Included on which would be all cypherpunks and everyone who bought a copy
of ViaCrypt PGP. So what are they going to do about it? I think it is well
out of their control. It would be politically unsound to investigate all
registered ViaCrypt users.

Obviously, this question is for the benefit of those who, for whatever
reason, must remain "strictly legal". But who don't care to pay $100 for
ViaCrypt's version. People who are willing to use the unlicensed freeware
version (not like _I_ ever would ;) ), could continue to do so.

Maybe I'm way off-base here. Don't flame me, just correct my thinking.
(Though I am wearing my Nomex suit!)

Thanks for any intelligent replies,