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Re: Anonymous phone calls.

On 4 May 1994 [email protected] wrote:

>     I asked this a while ago, but my mail system has some problems and
> I don't know what the responses were, if any....
>     Is there any way to make a phone call anonymously?  Caller ID can be
> blocked somewhat with one of those *## numbers dialed before the call
> is made.  Is there a way to route a call through a series of phone-type
> remailer systems?  This would allow one to make a call that would be as
> hard to trace as anonymous mail.
Yes, there are many ways to make nearly imposible to trace phone calls. 
Unfortunately, all that I know of involve stealing telephone service / 
toll fraud of some sort or another (in other words, if you are evading 
the trace functions for increased privacy, you are also evading the 
billing mechanisms...) For more info I suggest you moniter alt.2600, 
#hack, and #phreak. Also look into buying some back issues of 2600 
magazine as well as retrieving all the back issues of things like PHRACK 
magazine and CuD.

Happy Hunting, -Chris.

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