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Re: Anonymous phone calls.

On 4 May 1994 [email protected] wrote:

>     I asked this a while ago, but my mail system has some problems and
> I don't know what the responses were, if any....
>     Is there any way to make a phone call anonymously?  Caller ID can be
> blocked somewhat with one of those *## numbers dialed before the call
> is made.  Is there a way to route a call through a series of phone-type
> remailer systems?  This would allow one to make a call that would be as
> hard to trace as anonymous mail.
>     Any ideas?

Buy a cellular phone, and put call forwarding on it.  Set the phone to 
forward to your destination, then call your phone.  This will block 
caller ID, and make other forms of tracing more difficult.

  And, in you live in Chicago, it can be used to make free phone 
calls...  Details on that if you ask nicely...