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> Subject: Well... now how about this?
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> Date: Mon, 2 May 1994 14:30:24 -0400 (EDT)
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> I've been reading up and down about all this clipper crap.  Is it 
pheasable/possible to let the gov't do their little happy encryption scheme, 
>  BUT
> encrypt our conversation before the gov't encrypts it, so then it's double 
encrypted, so if the gov't decrypts our "conversation, information, etc.." all 
they get is crap anyway since that's just the way it is?  THen the gov't will 
be happy, programmers will get great jobs from big companies to install neato 
different encryption schemes into their phone/pbx/fax/computers so the gov't 
can't watch them and then let the gov't watch the bad guys (at least the little
ones who can't afford to pay our big fees) and lock them up just like they say 
they will... 
> Let the gov't do the clipper.  Pre-encrypt all data transmission before the 
clipper, so they can't read/see/hear/smell/touch it.  What do you people 
> Farmer Pete, once again, the Devil's Advocate
> PS--may as well get an arguement going..
 By the way, does anyone have just a big ole text file on how to get free games
 on video games(with out 1,000,000 tokens, smashing electrical things, or using
 a string
 and a hook)... thanks.