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Re: Anonymous phone calls.

>    Is there any way to make a phone call anonymously?  Caller ID can be
>blocked somewhat with one of those *## numbers dialed before the call
>is made.  Is there a way to route a call through a series of phone-type
>remailer systems?  This would allow one to make a call that would be as
>hard to trace as anonymous mail.
>    Any ideas?
                                            <         G.C.G.
The best way to make a truly anonymous call is to hack a pbx. Most of
them have a feature(This feature is turned off by default on AT&T pbx)
that allows you to call into the pbx from any phone and get a second 
dial tone. Sometimes there is a code(4-8 digits on AT&T) you must enter
to get the second dial tone. Also, you might have to dial the trunk access
code (usually 8 or 9) to get an outside dial tone. The first dialtone
lets you enter an extension # in the pbx. The reason that this is the 
best way is because if you are using a 900 service to make the anon 
call, you get billed at the number you are calling from, so if there
were a trap on the line you were calling, they'd have the 900 service
provider's number, the 900 service provider would have your number,
and you'd no longer be anonymous. With the pbx hack, the likely hood
of a trap being on this line is next to nothing. If there were a 
trap on the number you were making the anon call to, they would only
get the number of the trunk that your call left the pbx on, not the
number you were calling from. 

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