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Re: Anonymous phone calls.

From: Duncan Frissell <[email protected]>
> "Why did William Jefferson Blythe Clinton accept a Rhodes scholarship when
> women (and non Commonwealth citizens) were excluded from same?  Sounds like a
> racist, sexist, bigoted, and (for all we know) homophobic act to me."

Current theory here in Brooklyn: Freemasonic/Trilateral/Illuminati
connections (you know about Cecil Rhodes, right?).  Looks like Willy
was groomed for his present assignment from an early age.

This is as good a time as any to post the following, which is not much
less relevant to cypherpunk issues than a lot of other recent threads.
And it's hilarious.  As mentioned above, though, our current theory is
slightly different.  Enjoy.



Impeach Clinton
by Rev. P. Lamborn-Wilson,
M.O.C., U.L.C., etc., etc., The Deanery, Chatsworth, NJ
Feb. 14, 1994
(no copyright--please reproduce freely)

Clinton first came to the attention of the ILLUMINATI when he saved
the asses of Grand Master Oliver North & Past Master G. Bush (the
Freemasonic Messiah) by quashing the investigation into Mena Airport
in Arkansas.  We can use this cracker, they thought.  Another
Southern Democrat whose name starts with "C."  The Konspiracy may
have to lay low for four years & this yuppie redneck'll fill the
Bill.  Sure enough, Bush loses it--bigtime--openly proclaims the
Novus Ordo Seclorum--bombs Babylon in a vain attempt to destroy
Illuminati archives--etc., etc.  The CFR/Bilderbergers
declare:--Bush must "lose."  The Pres. of Japan (an inner-circle
member) dons his special Medici-ring & sits next to Bush at
sushi-time:--the whole world gawks as Bush pukes in the lap of this
unsmiling samurai--Who's losing face?  Who's losing _lunch_? /////
Lloyd Bensen (32-degree) takes hick Clinton to Bilderberg Konklave
in Baden-Baden 6 months before the "election." Ushered into the
inner sanctum Clinton hears the Offer from a hooded figure mit a
Cherman accent und Harvard manners.  "Look, Bill, all zis can be
yours: real estate, blow-chobs, Sviss bank account, revenche, your
name in 'History.'  All you haff to do is serve Us for four years. 
Betray 'Liberalism' for four years.  Stab in the back all those
minorities who will vote you in:--Blacks, queers, women, the poor. 
Always you vill say 'compromise'--but holding a dagger in your
schleeve.  Betray Haiti.  Betray homosexuals (and alienate the
military!), betray Christians & burn their children, betray
peace-lovers--bomb Iraq _again_! (we'll think of some lame excuse);
betray women--transform them into their own oppressors.  As for the
poor, I have a great plan, Bill:--you will fund poverty programs by
_taxing food stamps_.  Hilarious, eh?  Environmentalists?  Talk
green, dump chemicals in the wetlands. We will spread rumors about
your use of 'pot,' Bill, so all the drug-fiends will vote for
you--then we'll _intensify_ the 'War on Drugs.'  You see? 
Beautiful concept, _nein_?  In four years they will _beg_ us to
return to power.  The 'Liberals' themselves will vote for Quayle &
Noriega in '96!  Ha ha ha!  Und zen, ve shall enchoy anuzzer tvelf
years of Undiluted Power!  Perhaps a war in Mexico?  Hmm, let me
think.  Here, Bill, here's a million dollars for your 'election'
campaign fund--that's just for starters, Bill.  Now, sit here on
this throne while this naked starlet sucks your crank, Bill. 
Promise them anything!  I know!  I've got it! Promise them
_health-care_.  Outlaw all herbs, vitamins, everything like
that--we can't allow the unwashed swine to prescribe for themselves,
can we now?  Tsk tsk dear me no.  Promise them health-care--& then
raise their taxes!  Give them SHIT, Bill.  Eh?  How do you like it? 
That wife of yours (sorry, Bill)--she can pose as an angel of mercy
... while you--tinpot JFK--pure simulation--first 'virtual'
president--bumble toward Armageddon like some sinister clown. 
Power--the great aphrodisiac, eh Governor?  Or should I say ... _Mr.