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Re: Anonymous phone calls... (fwd)

 >      One of the problems of using the pre-paid cards was brought to light 
 > recently in the Olympic incident of Harding/Kerrigan.  Harding's husband 
 > bought one of the cards to make phone calls and they traced the calls back to 
 > him via the card, since you have to present valid ID to purchase those.

Wow, FUCKIN' hard to figure out. The little round things you have
in your pocket are called coins. If you pick up a phone an ask the
operator to call Fort Yukon alaska she will ask you to put some of
those round things in the phone. Believe it or not, she will now
when the phone has a nuff round things and let your call go thru
for three minutes maybe. Be sure to wipe your fingure prints of
the round things before depositing them in the phone (This is like
doing a file wipe in PGP)


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